The Reasons Why

I’m here today after years of battling an unseen assailant. It’s an enemy I know all too well by the symptoms it presents and the damage it leaves behind, but until recently, I’ve never given it a name. In fact, I always just thought it was how I was programmed — how I was and how I was going to be forever.

I would always be the tired one, never having as much energy and enthusiasm as my friends, sitting on the side-lines at home wondering how they managed to get through their days and still be able to go out and enjoy themselves for hours after school and work. The girl who struggled through middle school, high school and college plagued by brain fog and the inability to focus or retain any information, my grades suffering and then subsequently, my self-confidence. Was I just stupid? The woman who always had the most ridiculous periods that would come every 2 weeks with spotting in between. That would leave me so much more exhausted and feeling so worthless that I thought I could collapse and sleep for weeks than ever feel normal again. It would leave me in hysterics every time I tried a new birth control pill in an effort to control my menstruation schedule only to have breakthrough bleeding sporadically. The anxiety, depression and weight gain must have just come from that, right? There’s no way someone with so much to be happy about and grateful for could fall so low, gain so much weight and feel like the most base object on Earth. Right??

Why am I telling you all this?

  • Because the way you’re feeling and the way I felt aren’t normal.
  • Because there is hope, there is change, and there is a better way of life.

My unnamed assailant is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s Disease). And every day we fight. And every day is a new lesson on how to better manage this disease so it doesn’t control my life any more.

So why start a blog and call it 100 Hobbies?

  • I started this blog because I feel like I needed to share what I have been through, what I am currently going through, and maybe give some insight and hope for anyone else who is suffering.
  • As someone who didn’t have a clue what was going on when she was younger, I spent a lot of time learning new crafts and skills at home rather than go out (because it’s exhausting!) so why not share these, too?

Thank you,


PS: Please note that any information contained herein unless otherwise stated or linked to credible sources is my own opinion and reiterations of my own doctor for my personal benefit. It should not be taken as professional medical advice used to treat your own symptoms or diseases and it does not replace consulting with your own personal doctor. Please use any information at your own discretion.